RAEGR Arc 400 Type-C PD Qi-Certified 10W/7.5W Wireless Charger with Fireproof ABS -2020 - Technical Guroo

RAEGR Arc 400 Type-C PD Qi-Certified 10W/7.5W Wireless Charger with Fireproof ABS -2020

Hello friends, how do you all hope that you will all be good?  Friends, I have given you information about many headphones, now I am going to give you information about wireless charger.  As you all know, the trend of wireless things is more trend nowadays.

 Now anyone who sees it wants to use only wireless things. Because it is also in trend and it is also much easier to use it.  We just have to connect it with any device and it is ready to be used.

 Friends, many people will not even know about it, what is the wireless charger?  And how can we use it? So I am going to give you complete information about it so that everything can be understood.

 You must have seen only the wired chargers that we connect to our phone with the help of wire and our phone gets charged. But sometimes our charger gets damaged.  And many times we ourselves do not know how the charger went bad?  Because the wire is pulled, our charger deteriorates.

 Friends, today I will give you complete information about it so that you also understand that should we use wired charger or wireless?  So let's start using your time well.

*RAEGR ARC 400 Type-c PD Qi Certified 10w/7.5w wireless charge with fireproof ABS features : 

   Friends, first of all, give information about its features,

 1. In this you get 10w, 5w and 7. 5w modes.
 2. This wireless charger is Q certified.
 3. You can use it in phones from Samsung S4 to Note 10 +.
 4. And if we talk about iPhone, then it is used in phones  from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 Pro Max.
 5.  Please use good adapters for best use of it.
 6.  It is made of ABC material which is fire retardant.
 7.  It comes with a matte finish.
 8.  Its body is very slim.
 9.  It comes with a c port charger.
10.  You also get the manufacturer's warranty in it.

* Product Information:

 Brand: raegr
 Manufacture: raegr
 Model: rg10121
 Model name: arc 400
 Product dimensions: 14.7 * 11 * 2.4 cm;  59 grams
 Compatible device: for all enabled phones
 Special features: slim design with type -c port
 Mounting hardware: pack of 1 wireless charger
 Number of item: 1
 Wattage: 7.5 watts
 Power sours: corded electric
 Batteries included: no
 Batteries required: no
 Number of ports: 1
 Materials: made of abs material
 Manufacturer: raegr
 Country of origin: china
 Item weight: 59g

 Friends, I have given you complete information about this, it is a very good product, in which it is also very soon.  All you have to do is to put the adapter in the switchboard and turn the switch on and then put your phone on the disk. 

    For INDIA        

         For USA, CANADA, UK, FRANCE      

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