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Oneplus Buds (White)

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about another product, which you will like very much.  So friends I talk to today about OnePlus Buds which is a Bluetooth earphone.  As you know, how smartphone is important for us in today's world.

As soon as a smartphone is necessary for us, in the same way headphones, earphones and Bluetooth earphones have become very important.  You all know that earphones and headphones also have a lot of  brands, it is very important for us to know that they are good.

Friends, it is very important for us to have complete information about any item before buying it. We should know that what we are buying and how it is and what are the features in it?  So today I am going to give you information about one such Bluetooth buds.

If you should have complete information about it, then you must read this article completely so that you can easily understand everything about it.  So let's start by giving you information, not wasting too much of your time.

  * Features of OnePlus Buds:

It listens for 30 hours.

Its case is a type of powerbank, you can listen to songs comfortably for about 30 hours of charging once.

Friends, if you charge it for 10 minutes, then you can use it without any interruption for 10 hours.

In this, if you are listening to music, it removes the background sound easily, so that you can enjoy the songs completely.

You can also enjoy clear voice and bass in it.You can also enjoy 3D twins in it.

If you want to change the song by tapping or stop or resume this song, you can do it with the help of one tap.

And with the help of lavaag press you can control buds.

If you have a phone from the OnePlus company and if you have this OnePlus buds and you connect it to your phone then you experience the industry's leading low latency pair.

In this, you also get a diary of 1 year from the manufacturer.

Friends, I have given you information about all its features but I have not yet given information about the product, what is the weight of the product?  What is the comfort level, I am now giving you information about the product.

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  Product Information (White):

Brand: OnePlus
Manufacturer: OnePlus, OnePlus Technology Ltd., manufactures Tai    Building, Fu Tian District,Shen zhen city,China.
Model: E501A
Model Name: OnePlus Buds (White)
Product: 3.79 * 1.88 * 1.89 cm: 4 grams
Battery: 1 lithium ion battery required
Special features: cancellation

  Friends, I have given you complete information about it, now it comes to know what is the specialty with which if we buy it, like I have already told you that its battery life is amazing , Will you charge it only for a short while.

   You won't even need to charge it for 30 hours a day and for a few more hours.  If we are going somewhere traveling then there are many good things.  These fit your ears comfortably.

  It is very comforting.

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