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iBall EarWear Base BT 5.0 Neckband Earphone with Mic and 12 Hours Battery Life (Black)

Hello friends how are u telling you further that as you all know that bluetooth headphones are trending nowadays.  Whatever you see, they give priority to all Bluetooth headphones.

Which is true, the Bluetooth headphones is very easy in use.  All you have to do is connect the device to your phone and you can use it easily.  So I will also say that you too must try this once.

So friends, I am going to give you information about i ball headphones.  If you do not know about it, then you must read this article completely, with the help of which you will get complete information about it.  And I am also going to inform you about its features.

You must have seen many such headphones and many of you must have used it too.  You know that many times in the wired earphones that we use, due to our disrespect, we get caught in the viral connection of the earphones.

 But wireless Bluetooth headphones are nothing like this.  All you have to do is connect them and enjoy it.  So let us start talking about its features while not using your time properly, without wasting much of your time.

*What are the features of iBall EarWear Base BT?

 Friends, let me give you information about its features,

1.  You have never heard a clear audio like this before.

2.This earphone is very light in weight due to which it fits comfortably in our ears.

3. Its battery life is very long, once charged, you can use it very well for at least 12 hours.

4.These fit very well in our ears, it is very stylish which suits your personality as well.

5. It also provides you time rest while working.

6. An over ear hinging design and ergonomic ear tips ensure you a comfortable and secure fit during workouts.

7. You can do any work comfortably with the help of earphones without touching your phone

 8.You do not need a phone to change songs or to turn songs off or on.  You just have to press the button in the earphones.

Now I give you information about all its features and now I will also give you information about the product so that you understand everything.

* Product Information:

    Brand: iball
    Manufacturer: iball
    Model: Ear ware Base
    Battery: 1 lithium polymer
    Item model number: ear were base
    Special Features: With Microphone
    Mounting Hardware: Headset-N, Charging Cable-1N, User Manual-1N, Extra Ear Gel2N
    From the headphone factor: above the ear
    Voltage: 3.7 volts
    Battery Average Life: 12 hours
    Wireless Type: Bluetooth
    Connector Type: Bluetooth
    Item Weight: 30g

      For INDIA        

         For USA, CANADA, UK, FRANCE      
      Add To Cart 

   Friends, I have given you complete information about it, now I talk about a special feature that its battery life is very good, you have to keep it in charge for a while and you can do it comfortably for 12 hours.

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